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Uniforms of the American Revolution Site managed by the Sons of the American Revolution California that lists 70 Regiments, Militias, and Groups of both the American and British forces. American Heritage Clothing Specializing in American & British Revolutionary War uniforms. Collector's Armoury, Ltd. Specializing in Colonial weapon replicas.

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19th Century (1800s) reproduction items uniforms, clothing, personal items, toys, tents and camp equipment, writing implements, home/office decor, saddles & tack, plus much more of the Mexican War, American Civil War, Victorian period, Indian Wars and Span-Am War.

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American Revolution Soldier Adult Revolutionary War Uniform. $219.97 - $229.97 Search

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*Editor's Note: The following content was reproduced from Uniforms of the United States Navy 1776–1898 and 1900–1967. This content provides a chronological survey of Navy uniforms. For text of historic uniform regulations and articles on specific uniform items, please consult the Navy Department Library's page, Uniforms of the U.S. Navy. ***** Military uniforms have always fascinated ...

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Military uniforms of the American Revolution Howe began his campaign in June by making a series of maneuvers in New Jersey, which failed to engage Washington's greatly inferior force. [86] He then loaded his troops onto transports and slowly sailed to the northern end of the Chesapeake Bay, landing 15,000 troops on August 25 at the head of the ...

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The company has been producing distinctively styled staff uniforms uniforms in Kenya and work wear for both individuals and corporate organizations .With the recent procurement and installation of modern, automated ready-made garment-making machines, and the employment of highly experienced expatriate production and technical management personnel, our company now produces staff uniforms in ...

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This high-quality American Revolution soldier adult Revolutionary War uniform costume can be used for a period ball, historical reenactment, masquerade, or simply experiencing a day in the life of a member of the Continental Army during the 18th century Revolutionary War era.

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The "Andre" medal broke the custom of restricting the award of medals to successful senior officers and is doubly unique in that it was designed for wear around the neck. The medal was presented by Congress in 1780 to the three enlisted men who captured British Major John Andre with the plans of the West Point fortifications in his boot.

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THE ORGANIZATION OF THE BRITISH ARMY IN THEAMERICAN REVOLUTION. CHAPTER I 1. THE BRITISH ARMY AT THE OUTBREAK OF THE REVOLUTION: A GENERAL SURVEY. Ever Since the American Revolution became a subject of investigation, no little attention has been paid to the Continental army. The British army on the other hand has received but passing notice.

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Congress did not adopt a Continental uniform until 1779. However, soldiers attempted to have clothing similar to the others in the company or regiment. Many volunteer companies entered the war in uniforms purchased by themselves or their commanders. The uniform of the American soldier was made up of: a hat, usually turned up on one or three sides,

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The lapels on the ( American war of Independence) British redcoat can be closed one over the other to keep the coat closed. The British redcoat at the time of the US Revolutionary war is available at US$ 155/pc including custom tailoring, hand stitching and door delivery. Shirt. The British red coat was worn with a white cotton shirt.

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The United States authorizes all military bands "band regalia" consisting of a unique unit drum major mace, baldric, tabard, and drum design.The United States Army Institute of Heraldry designs these items on behalf of military bands.. In full parade dress, drum majors of many U.S. military bands wear bearskin hats. The origin of the use of bearskins in U.S. military bands dates to 1855 when ...

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This 1750's coat was custom made for a pirate re-enactor. It features fuller tails, wider sleeves and larger cuffs and shortened lapels. The weskit is longer than usual and has 20 buttons. Stripped trousers complete the outfit. Coat price - $570 - add $25 for size 50 and above Weskit - $185

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American Revolution Gold, Silver, Brass, Copper and Pewter Buttons. Military Uniform Braid, Lace, and Cord. British Army Sergeant's Sash. British Army Cartridge Pouch (Box) British Army Painted Knapsacks. British Army Haversacks. Muskets and Bayonets. British Swords. Shoe Buckles, Wool Cloth, Officer Sashes, and other products

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Brass Buttons on Sale! (Click here) Military Uniform Buttons: The American Revolution See also our Wool and Military Uniform Braid and Trimmings. P-Pewter B- Brass Plated C- Copper Plated G-Gold Plated S-Silver Plated *All shanks are wire just like the originals. Cast shanks cut threads, damage the cloth of the uniform, and force the button to sit on an odd angle.

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Spanish American US Army Enlisted Uniform Menu: To insure an Army Issue look, we recommend one of standard cut uniforms. Most Indian War and early Span-Am War period uniforms are custom made for each order. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery. A RUSH ORDER may be requested to guarantee delivery in 4 weeks at additional cost. All garments are Made ...

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17-32 of 143 results for "revolutionary war uniform" Price and other details may vary based on size and color Men's Long Sleeve Shirt, Jacobite Ghillie Shirt for Kilts, w/Leather Tie

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Eric Kettenburg, custom gunsmith. 5 Rivers Chapmanry (Cooperage and garments) Fleur de Lyse (18th C French - and Canadien clothing) Flintlocks Ltd. (Jim Chambers Custom Guns) Flying Cloud Trading Co. - Oregon. Frey's Company of Butler's Rangers. Frontier America Trading Company (18th & 19th century cookware, recipes and Western US Rendezvous ...

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American and British Revolutionary war uniforms French and Indian war 1750 - 1790 Men's civilian coats and outfits Re-enactors and Hollywood actors alike appreciate the detailed attention, custom fit and historical accuracy we provide to our all of our clients. Every customer receives special focused attention to their project.

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Historical Twist Store : Cartridge Boxes, Plates, Belting - Belt Plates & Buckles Buttons Flintlock Pistols Muskets Flintlock Accessories Gift Certificates Uniforms Embroidery Campaign Accessories Swords Stockings Nautical Instruments Games and Toys Writing Headress Epaulettes & Aiguelettes Lace & Ribbons Boxes Sewing Sashes Cartridge Boxes, Plates, Belting Braid & Cord Civilian Clothing ...

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Looking for a Revolutionary War Uniform or Colonial Clothing? Check out these sutlers and vendors: Jas. Townsend: Wide selection of 18th c. clothing and items Gedney Godwin: Wide variety of products and clothing. C & D Jarnigan: 18th c clothing and accessories. Just Two Tailors: Offer off-the-rack and custom designed clothing. MinuteMan Armoury: Fine historical replica items.

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Sep 29, 2016 - By the start of the American Revolution, the British military was spread thinly across their global empire. Despite having tens of thousands of troops...