can i bulletproof my ford lf550

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Mar 20, 2018· On paper, the 6.4L Power Stroke was a definite improvement over its problematic 6.0L predecessor when it debuted in '08-model-year Ford Super Dutys. Larger head

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At TAG, our team of expert engineers can armor the SuperCab and SuperCrew models of the Ford F150 Raptor with your choice of ballistic protection features. Our basic package includes bullet-resistant glass, certified ballistic armoring, blast-protected floors, and much more. You can add tons of special additional features on top of the basic ...

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Apr 17, 2014· The cost to bulletproof your car depends on variables such as level of protection, the type of car you are going to reinforce and of course the company you choose: from 40.000$ up to 100.000$.. You'll find bellow the exact packages for 3 of the largest car bulletproofing companies in US.. In this ever changing World more and more we see attacks by thugs on our citizens, as well as home ...

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The cost of your bulletproof glass system will depend on the glass you select, and the system needed to support it. Simple projects like something suitable for a stand-alone ticket window or after-hours transaction window, might cost between $3,000 to $5,000 to ship to you (not including your installation).

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Armored Vehicle Portfolio. Armormax Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of both light armored and fully armored vehicles. Armormax specializes in bullet-resistant passenger vehicles for any individual who perceives a threat, from government officials to everyday citizens.

Bulletproof 6.0 Power stroke build on 2004 Ford F250

Jul 20, 2020· In this installment of our 2004 Ford F250 Super Duty project, we grabbed all the best parts from Bulletproof Diesel and Sinister Diesel and fixed every single common problem on a 6.0L Ford …

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Nov 01, 2011· So my brother in law and I are way too familiar with the 6.0 and understand how to bulletproof it and all of its down falls, etc. Anyways he is thinking of selling his 6.0 for a job 3 6.4 and obviously we are a little sketchy with it. We have both been researching and reading tons of threads...

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Mar 16, 2017· I live in Fremont CA. My zip is 94538. I own a 2000 E400 that is retrofitted with bullet proof windows and steel body. The window is becoming blurry due to years of extreme sun. I would like to have the windows replaced since the car only has 60k …

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The Leaders in Diesel Reliability - Bullet Proof Diesel is the place to go for the best products for your diesel engine. EGR Coolers, Water Pumps, FICM, Oil Coolers, Installation Kits, - …

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Feb 22, 2012· most of us know that a 7.3 powerstroke diesel, with the right maintenance, can last basically forever. my neighbor has proven this many times. he has a 2001 F350, purchased new, which now has about 180,000 hard, neglected, miles. a normal start up for this truck in cold weather, or any weather, he cranks it, pumps the gas till it starts (starter is weak, hes gone through 4 starters) and …

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I know people say the Ford Inline 6 is pretty much bullet proof. I have one with 212k Miles and looking to rebuild it when I get some cash. Would Forged internals increase Reliability or just power. Now, if someone can give me a answer that'll make it more reliable and more power, well that's even better.

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Bullet Proof Diesel Packaged Kits Your choice of packaged diesel engine kits offered includes both fully BulletProof and semi-BulletProof kits for upgrading your Ford Powerstroke 6.0L or 6.4L diesel engine. The patented BulletProof engine oil cooler kit is available with …

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BulletProof Diesel is a company that started out trying to solve a problem, the 6.0L Ford Powerstroke's inherent issues with the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculator) Cooler. The first product by Bulletproof was the upgraded EGR cooler and soon to follow were the EGR deletes and upgraded oil cooler.

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Check out our selection of top-quality EGR coolers at Bullet Proof Diesel. We carry complete problem-solving systems to upgrade your diesel engine. Shop with confidence with our BulletProof product reliability and save big with our direct pricing.

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HOW TO BULLET PROOF YOUR 6.0L FORD We have provided this easy-to-follow Road Map to Bullet Proof Diesel products that leads to Reliability and Peace-of-Mind for you and your 6.0L Ford. The First Step in Reliability: Address These Five Pattern Failures These five pattern failures are the main reason why the 6.0L has the

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Sep 21, 2012· The best way to bullet proof your 6.4 is to use the search function in the 6.4 forum... 2013 Lariat Eco-Boost F150 Super Crew 4x4 20K Miles. Max-Tow 3.73's, luxury package.

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Jun 25, 2009· I mean sure a 6.7 is a better option but the price difference between a bulletproof 6.0 and a 6.7 is massive. I love my 6.0, and fully intend to keep it and keep it running for as long as I live. That said, do NOT get a 6.4, the 6.0 has some issues but they can …

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IAC is dedicated to making your armored car safe. Our proprietary techniques cover the contingencies you need to make sure every trip in your armored vehicle is secure. IAC has years of experience in manufacturing and delivering high-level armored vehicles to every continent in the world.

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Nov 17, 2010· Re: Making my 2005 6.0L Ford bulletproof There is no way to determine the failure of the pump discharge fitting but hard starting is one of the results of a leaky fitting. When I called the dealer for the fitting the diesel mechanic mentioned that if I was replacing the oil cooler I better change the fitting.

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Mar 31, 2018· Can I trust a 6.0l Bulletproof motor Hi, guys and thanks for all the awesome advice. I've decided to steer well clear of the 6.0l and have decided to only look at the 7.3l as they seem to be the best Ford …

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Jan 22, 2015· A deleted and well maintained 6.4 is darn close to "bullet proof". Of course the proofness lies in how hard the end user is going to drive said deleted and tuned 6.4. Reactions: smokeem, sandpiperx1, ... 1954 Ford, 1953 Ford, 1979 Dodge, 1984 C250 6.5L, 1993 C250, 1955 Int fuel, 1970 Int Loadstar, 1993 Int 8300 11L, 1998 F850 6.9L.

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Mar 24, 2017· Frd Gold can work if it isn't overheated, etc - however, it should be drained, flushed, and refilled every 60k miles. ELC coolant can typically go 100k + miles without worry. Cost of flush and refill - $150 or so. Early model years (03 and early 04): ICP sensor and wiring harness. Fix - Ford has an improved sensor and connector.

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Dec 02, 2011· Well it is kind of (luck of the draw) some will go 250K and some will go 25K the big killer is the casting sand and the Ford Gold Junk coolant if you don't get a lot of heat where the silicates drop out of the coolant and change the coolant 25-30K you may be good but if get some gauges like the Edge Insight you may see you have a ticking time bomb.

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Apr 13, 2011· i got a lead on a automatic 2006 6.0 f350 xlt 4x4 flatbed with 40,000 miles on it for $20000. i know its a good price but i was wondering how good it is. i wanted to know what i would need to do to bulletproof it, ive heard about putting on egr delete kits and doing the head studs but id like to get more info on it. any recommendations on brands and other good mods are appreciated. ps im new ...

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Bullet Proof Diesel has been hard at work, coming up with innovative and creative parts for your Ford Powerstroke 6.7L engine. We offer numerous Ford 6.7 Powerstroke parts and accessories, each of which is either a stock Ford part, built to their specific standards, or a BulletProof component, built to the highest standards in the industry.